The Österreichische Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe (Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation) was founded in 1988 is an independent, not-for-profit society and registered charity organisation active throughout six regional organisations in Austria. Distinguished with the Austrian Donors' Seal of Approval is a member of the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations (ICCCPO) and provide direct help to families who find themselves in financial difficulties as a result of a child's illness.

The mission of the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation is to offer all over assist affected children and their families with medical, social, psychological and legal support. The support portfolio includes information and advice for affected families, awareness-raising of the general public to the taboo subject of "Cancer in Children and Teenagers" and the associated after-effects, the support for the "Long Term Survivors" as well as international projects and research activities.



SOS Children's Villages started its work in Bulgaria in 1990, when the organisation signed an agreement with the Bulgarian Health Ministry. The organisation has adapted its work, providing emergency aid as well as permanent assistance. For example, when the conditions for the population were at their worst in 1996 and 1997, the organisation distributed food packages, baby clothes and winter clothing.

The organisation now works with local children and their families in and around Sofia, Dren and Trjavna. There are two SOS Children's Villages, two SOS Youth Facilities, and four SOS Social Centres . The social centres work with the local communities and agencies to support children and their families so that the children can grow up within a caring family environment. They provide day-care, counselling and psychological support and access to essential health services. When children can no longer live with their families, they can be cared for by SOS mothers. SOS also provides semi-independent housing for young people- these flats are located near to training facilities which young people can attend.



SOS Children's Village Croatia looks after 250 children without parents or adequate parental care by providing them with home, security, love and education essential to happy childhood. We have been active in Croatia since February 25, 1992, as a full member of SOS Kinderdorf International.

Life in SOS Children's Villages does not differ from life in any other family, except that SOS families tend to be a bit bigger, with SOS mothers acting as main care providers. Preschool and school-age children have found their new home in SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci and SOS Children's Village Lekenik. We also look after young people of high school age, in four SOS Youth Facilities in Osijek, Velika Gorica and Zagreb. In addition, we provide help for our young people over the age of 18, supporting them in the first, most difficult years of independent life so that they can successfully complete their studies or internship, or find a job.


Czech Republic

Our Child Foundation has been helping the children since 1993. The main purpose of the Our Child Foundation is to assist battered, abused, disabled, vulnerable and abandoned children who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Our Child Foundation seeks long-term help for:

  • children from troubled families and children in institutional care (institutes for infants, orphanage, diagnostic and educational institutes)
  • children abused and maltreated
  • vulnerable children who find themselves in difficult situations
  • children mentally and physically handicapped
especially in the form of:
  • direct financial support (grants, individual application)
  • dissemination activities (publications and leaflets, organizing campaigns)
  • promoting legislative changes aimed at improving the protection of children
Our Child Foundation hopes that child's tears will be decreased and smiling child's face will be increased in the Czech Republic.